Tuesday, February 16, 2016


By Al Cronkrite

Just what is happening to our society and what is causing it?

Out of the corner of our eye we can see the United Nations rushing toward us with a promise of world peace under the felicity of world government.  Marching alongside with their menacing guns cocked are the cryptocrats who orchestrate power.

The social terrorists are more immediate.  Their minions have already destroyed the structure of our society, now upheld by a porous shell.  We watch our youth as they mature into an immoral, hedonistic, and undisciplined culture which is new, and fascinating.  With no reference point and no alternative, by rote, it is freely accepted. 

Our seniors are living together.  Their children, the parents of our youth, have forsaken marriage to shack up with the best available.  Rife with sex for pleasure, we fail to reproduce ourselves and thereby contribute to the demise of our culture and of civilization itself.

Legislators pass volumes of laws (The Federal Codes reportedly require 26 feet of shelf space.).  Much of the legislation is frivolous, tyrannical, and downright stupid.  Florida recently entertained a Constitutional Amendment that would require a proper amount of free space for pregnant sows.  Though this has not been codified we have laws protecting animals that are just short of suffrage.

This generation will never know freedom as it was early in the twentieth century.  They will never experience the Godliness which was everywhere.  Yes, there was sin.  But the legal structure of America was still mostly Christian.  All of the stores were closed on Sunday.  Homosexuality was illegal, as was adultery and fornication.  Cohabitation was almost nonexistent.  Husbands were the respected heads of their homes. Spit balls and chewing gum were the main rages of teachers. You could shoot your dog, drown your cat, own a fire arm, hunt while still in puberty, and drive a car at age thirteen.

America has been destroyed by the acquiescence of the Christian Church and the resulting deterioration of the Christian family structure.

Arminianism (free will) and antinomianism (Faith without obedience to Law) have built American Christianity on a foundation of sand and the rains of pagan law have washed it away.

The idea that The Great God of All Creation, by Whose Word the earth and everything in it was created, has made each of His human creations into little gods by granting them free will, is the essence of humanism.  It is the antithesis of Calvin’s theology which was accepted orthodoxy for several centuries and was affirmed by the major councils and the creeds they produced.

God’s people without His Laws are afloat in the boat of Grace on the sewer seas of humanity without a compass and the Church is bereft of the world changing Laws by which our Creator intended it be governed.

Law - pagan law - is the wrecking ball of the house that God built…….

When divorce is difficult, marriages tend to be stable.  With no fault divorce, we have made it easy and prevalent.

When man is head of his home with his cherished wife as his helpmate, the family structure is intact and harmonious.  Beginning with women’s suffrage, Feminism struck at the very heart of marriage.  With unsurpassed cognitive dissonance, the Cultural Marxists fed a mislead quest for equality that has swept women into untenable and deleterious positions destroying the family structure and deteriorating the quality of society.

God intended that families not only provide companionship for the marriage partners but produce a solid base for the nurture of Godly children who were to be prepared to populate and subdue the earth under His legal code.  It was contraception that first began to erode the intentions of The Creator.

Children produced by a healthy and orderly family were to be both nurtured and educated in the home and as they grew into adulthood and their parents aged, they were to become producers of wealth and caretakers of the wealth the family had already produced.  Parents were to be honored and their advise sought in order that the exuberance of youth might be tempered with the wisdom of age.  In our time, children are raised in day care, parents spend their children’s inheritance, wisdom is forgotten, mentors are forsaken, and everyone does what is right in his own eyes. 

God hates rebels.  The Biblical remedy for obdurate rebelliousness in children is stoning.
Though outrageously cruel to our maligned sensibilities, it was part of the Love of God for it brought great pressure on a child’s sinful nature to conform to the family structure and by its existence contained the recalcitrant taint.

Ten percent is God’s levy on the income of His people.  This ten percent is to come off the top of His blessings to us.  The Biblical outline for government outside the family includes protection of the people, administration of the civil law and little, if any, else.  Godly government can be financed with ten percent.  High taxes inhibit the ability of families to accumulate wealth and thus interfere with the family structure.

Law forms the religious base of society and the humanism we are living under today is a result of tumult in the laws by which we are governed.  Though the Decalogue is inscribed on the walls of our meretricious Supreme Court, pagan judges appointed by pagan presidents (from both political parties) have, with the assiduous help of the ACLU, tyrannically and illegally removed every vestige of Christianity from our culture.

In place of the historic Christian legal structure they have codified the decedent laws of the pagan.  Divorce is easy and prevalent; our unborn babies, the potential wealth of our families and the propagation of the race, are legally slaughtered by the millions; our culture is being maligned under the aegis of diversity by being infused with the world’s heathen; the Biblical abomination of sodomy has been legalized and seeks to rape us; legal pornography fills our media and stares at us from eye level shelves in the check-out line.  Every rebellious element is being energized and turned loose with legal backing.

As the Christian bulwark of society crumbles, individual restraint ebbs, laws to confine anarchy multiply, and our jails fill.  We have more people in jail in America than in any other nation in the free world.

Our downfall has been aided and abetted by the Cultural Marxists who have burrowed into our government and our schools system.  These rebellious societal predators abounding in a danger free environment and with minimum resistance have craftily instituted godlessness wherever there was pregnant inclination. 

Rebellious women filled the feminist ranks.  Rebellious homosexuals became militant and dangerous.  The racial prejudice mantra quickly turned a relatively friendly black community into a prejudiced, hate filled, white menacing mob.  With a flint stone, class warfare ignited.  Gramsci’s tenets were easy to foster.  Politicians pandered to evil and increased sinfulness.

Without brakes, the American bus careened down the mountain leaving devastation in its path.

The wheel lock to this disaster was the Christian Church

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