Frederick Meekins

Frederick Meekins is an independent theologian and social critic. He holds a BS from the University of Maryland in Political Science/History and a MA in Apologetics & Christian Philosophy from Trinity Theological Seminary. Frederick holds a Doctor of Practical Theology through the Master's Graduate School Of Divinity in Evansville, Indiana. Dr. Meekins is pursuing a Ph.D. in Apologetics through Newburgh Theological Seminary.

Theoanthrocide: The Death Of God & Man

An Analysis Of I Corinthians 15

A Christian Analysis Of Atheism

For The Sake Of Eternity Christians Need To Better Understand The Future 

 The Christian & The Socratic Quest For Truth

Concerning The Existence Of God 

 Naive Religionists Eager To Find Shackles Under Their Nonsectarian Commemorative Phot

Doctor Who Tackles Transgenic Menace

Most Epistemologically Unprepared For Bioenhancement Nightmares

Historian Distorts Past In Pursuit Of Anti-Christian Animus

Faith On The Final Frontier

Unearthly Beings

Minding The Times: An Exposition On Postmodernism

Retiring Episcopal Hierarch Calls For Communist Upheaval

A Review Of "Orthodoxy" by G.K. Chesterton

A Review Of “Why I Am Not A Christian” By Bertrand Russell

Of Elves, Angels & Dueling Theologies

The Purpose & Scope Of Apologetics

Southern Baptist Condemns Trump For Failing To Pander To Women & Minorities

Columnist Compares Candidate To The Son Of Perdition

Why Study Philosophy?

A Close Encounter Of An Intravenous Kind

A Review Of "Saucer" by Stephen Coonts

Dying for an Answer: An Attempted Theodicy to the Problem of Evil

Cause For Celebration: An Examination Of The Cosmological Argument

UFO’s, The Movies, & The End Of The World

Deepak Chopra Peddles Metaphysical Swill

Do Viewers Know About "Knowing"?

An Analysis Of Francis Schaeffer's "The Church At The End Of The 20th Century"

Sword Of The Lord Columnist Insinuates Sci-Fi Fans Not Fit To Teach School

Technology May Be Outpacing Limits Of Imagination & Ethics

Religious Socialist Hopes To Capitalize On White Guilt

Those Denying Resurrection Keep Religious Language To Spread Deception

Episcopal Hierarch Threatens To Undermine Immigration Law

Tyrant Pastors Insist Congregations To Be Viewed Like Dimwitted Children

Pope Exposes His Biblical Ignorance In Hurry To Promote Globalist Agenda

Headline Potpourri #84

Nothing Will Be Restrained From Them

Welfare Witchdoctors: Health Program Used As Front For New Age Quackery

Southern Baptist Defending Hunting Undermines Other Christian Liberties

Trump No Less Pious Necessarily Than Average Christian

Pastor Badgers Congregation To Boycott C.S. Lewis

A Review Of "Mere Christianity" By C.S. Lewis

A Review Of 'Salvaging Civilization' By H.G. Wells

Will Evangelical Wimps Elevate Manners Over Survival?

Hipster Nazarene Insists Daily Bathing Perpetuates Western Imperialism

Secularists Once Again Call For The Suppression Of Knowledge

Canonizing the Blair Witch: Pagan Religion More Noble than Christian Belief in the Eyes of Some

Prominent Critic off the Mark Regarding Apocalyptic Thriller

No Mere Consideration: The Apologetic Quandaries Found In The Lewis Classic

Narcissism Or Aversion To Communalism?

Headline Potpourri

Like Unto the Beast: National ID System Poses Threat to Liberty

Intellectually Excavating Indiana Jones Unearths Epistemological Artifacts

The Morality Of Stem Cell Research

Didn't Pious Ideologues Lay Foundation Of Trumpism?

Baptist Church Opposed To Old Glory Has Pro Wrestler Address Student Body

Pope Downplays Islamist Invasion

Headline Potpourri #86

Headline Potpourri #87

Will Russell Moore Become A Theological McLarenite?

Headline Potpourri #88

Baptist Functionary Suggests Popularity A Standard In Culpability

Technocrats Fret Hitler Quote Exposes Modus Operandi

Headline Potpourri #89

Headline Potpourri #90

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