Tuesday, February 14, 2017

MTV has produced a video titled “Resolutions For White Guys”.

MTV has produced a video titled “Resolutions For White Guys”.

In the propaganda, Whites are encouraged to bash America, pander to minorities, and vow to avoid “mansplaining”.

Mansplaining is the phenomena where a man proceeds to explain something to a woman often in areas pertaining to what was once considered the fairer sex before a disproportionate number of that particular arrangement of chromosome became bestial and shrill.

Interesting that there is never a criticism for women to refrain from interjecting themselves into issues and concerns where men might actually be a little more in the know.

Does MTV intend to release companion videos for minorities urging them to pull up their pants, to try to at least look for gainful employment, and not to loot electronics stores whenever there is a court verdict that they are not particularly happy about?

Perhaps a related video for immigrants might ask those of that particular background to make an effort to learn the English language.

The video could also point out other helpful tips for making life in the United States more pleasant and successful.

For example, just because they have made it here, it does not follow that distant cousins have the right to migrate here in the name of family reunification.

And even more helpful, just because they have never seen an octogenarian female with her head uncovered in public that does not mean she wants their hands grabbing at her backside.

In regards to the counterprotest chat “Blue Lives Matter”, MTV assured the network's mind-numbed and brainwashed viewers that such was not a real thing.

In other words, these media elites must have little problem with police officers being randomly gunned down with no actual provocation or even prior involvement with the assailants.

By Frederick Meekins

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