Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Reformed Theologian Downplays Total Depravity In Pluralism's Name

On an episode of Issues Etc, Dr. Michael Horton condemned the Donald Trump campaign on the grounds that no candidate should run for the presidency on the basis of fear and for promoting a mindset of Us vs. Them in terms of “opposing the Other”.

Dr. Horton positions himself as standing in the camp of rigorous Reformed theology.

Reformed theology promotes itself as approaching the world as it actually exists rather than how fallen humanity would like it to be.

As such, aren't there many things in a world permeated by sin that we need to protect ourselves from or (to put it in other words) be afraid of?

Furthermore, it could be argued that, apart from biological racialism since you can't change skin color (no matter how hard Michael Jackson might have tried), Reformed theology has got to be the ultimate form of Us vs. Them thinking.

For no matter how much effort one might put into the attempt to persuade someone to repent and turn to Christ, it is ultimately God alone who selects from eternity past those that will be with Him in Heaven and those that He will allow to slip into Hell.

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